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Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the package on your computer, upload the extracted folder into your addons/ directory.
  2. Open settings.php and fill in your license key obtained from the client area. You may also want to adjust other settings within the settings file

Inserting HTML Codes

For V3) Insert the following code into themes/the_theme_you_are_using/templates/inner_upload_video_form.htm


Just paste the code where you want it to display.

<a href=“addons/videofetcher/index.php?keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=300&width=500”class=“thickbox”><img border=“0” src=“images/videofetcher.jpg”> </a>

Extra Note: When you are copying the code above, the double quotes may have been substituted from the regular double quote. All you have to do is paste the code into notepad and replace the special double quotes with a regular double quote.

Don't forget to upload the youtube.jpg into the images/ directory of your phpmotion installation.

Additional Information

  • If you want to enable recaptcha service, set $recap to 1. Then goto and sign up for an account then paste the public and private key into the respective field.
  • If you want to fetch HQ MP4, set $system[“getHD”] = 1

Enabling a module

To enable a fetcher module for the script, fill in the $system[“modules”] array.

For example, if you want to enable all the youtube module you would use the following.

$system[“modules”] = array(“dp1”,“youtube”);

To enable DP1, DP2, Youtube

$system[“modules”] = array(“dp1”,“dp2”,“youtube”);

Hooks (Advance Usage)

With this module you are able to run your own code after the video has been downloaded and after it has been moved to the uploads directory.

The hook points are located inside includes/hooks.php

All the needed variables are located inside $vars. Temp filename(without extension)⇒tempfilename, filename in /uploads(without extension)⇒filename, fetched quality (hq,sd,lq)⇒quality, post(title,desc,channel,subchannel, any post variable in the form⇒post[var]

The main functions that are called by the main script are downloadedfile_premove(), downloadedfile_postmove(). You may include your own functions within those.

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