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   - Extract the package content onto your desktop   - Extract the package content onto your desktop
-  ​- Open flv_settings.php with notepad +  - Upload the extracted folder ​into the **addons** directory ​of your phpmotion ​installation 
-  - Edit the $flv_license field. If your license is abc123, then it would be $yt_license = '​abc123';​ +  - Tune your browster ​to http://​yourdomain/​addons/​videocluster/ , substitute yourdomain to your actual domain. To login use your phpmotion admin account
-  - Edit other options as you see fit and save +
-  ​- Upload the extracted ​content (including the folder) onto the addons/ folder ​of your phpmotion ​install +
-  - Now if you did everything correctly, you should be able to access the FLV Videoadder by going to the URL http://​yourdomain/​addons/​flvadder3/ , substitute yourdomain to your actual domain+
 ===== Usage ===== ===== Usage =====
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