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 ====== Installation ====== ====== Installation ======
 +===== Requirement =====
 +In order to use the module'​s functionality,​ you **will** need a DirectAdmin hosting account with the ability to create addon domains.
 +The DirectAdmin server should not be the same hosting server you serve your regular hosting with.
 +**Your WHMCS server must have outgoing port 2222 open in order to connect to the directadmin server.
 ===== File Uploads ===== ===== File Uploads =====
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 ===== Activation =====  ===== Activation ===== 
 +Log into your WHMCS admin and enable the module by going to **Setup -> Addon Module -> DNS Management Suite -> Activate**
 +Once activated, click on **Configure** and fill in the license key and make any settings adjustment. ​
 +**Important!!** If your WHMCS is less than version 7.2, then make sure you have selected the proper APIuser with API access.
 +===== Options =====
 +^ Option ​    ^ Description ​     ^ 
 +| Email Verify Template| This is the email template for when email destination is added and an email with the Pin will be send to the email address for verification | 
 +| Restrict Sub-accounts| When enabled, sub-accounts without the Manage Domains permission will not be able to use the module| ​
 +|Enable email notification| Allow client to set to receive email notification on changes|
 +|Notification Email Template| The email template name to use when to send out the email notification|
 +|DirectAdmin URL|The hostname or IP without http:// or https:// |
 +|DirectAdmin Custom Port| Enter your custom DirectAdmin port here, if using default 2222 then leave empty |
 +|DirectAdmin Login/​Password/​SSL Connection| This is the connection settings for your DirectAdmin Account| ​
 +| Web template file name |The ZIP package name of the web templates you want to extract files from onto new domains (Professional only)| ​
 +|Enable PHP for domain |All PHP files to be run on new domains. The DA account must have PHP function enabled |
 +|Large DB exclusion|When this option is enabled, the Admin end will no longer load a list of Active domains in the Drop Down search. You will have to fill in the domain manually. This is useful if you have a large domain database |
 +|Fetch from NS on load|When enabled Clients will load records from the local database to prevent overloading of the DA API |
 +|TTL on zone refresh|The amount of time (in seconds) before the local cache expires when the previous option is enabled|
 +|Default Nameserver 1-5|The default nameserver for the DA server|
 +|Default TTL| The default TTL for the records|
 +|Display under Domain menu|Display the **DNS Manager** link under the default WHMCS Domains Tab |
 +|Menu Showing Order|The order in the Domains menu for the DNS Manager link to appear|
 +|Display in Domain details side bar|When enabled, a new link **Manage DNS Record, Email Forwarding & Redirect** will appear on the side Manage bar of a domain details page|
 +|Create on Registration|Creates the domain on the DA server upon registration|
 +|Create on Transfer|Creates the domain on the DA server upon transfer|
 +|DNS Editor| Enable the permission for client to Modify DNS Records|
 +|DNS Templates (Professional Only)|Enable clients to Restore DNS Templates from the system|
 +|User Custom DNS Templates (Professional Only)|Enable clients to create their custom DNS Template|
 +|User Custom DNS Template Limit| The number of user DNS template allow to create|
 +|Dynamic DNS Support (Professional Only)|Allow client to update DNS records via the API|
 +|Dynamic DNS API Use limit| The number of API call each IP can call per hour|
 +|Enable Brute Force Detection|Enabling this will block an IP if it is exceeding the per hour API limit|
 +|Bruteforce Timer | The amount of seconds to check in the bruteforce log before denying|
 +|Bruteforce Ban Timer | The amount of seconds to ban the IP address from accessing the API|
 +|Dynamic DNS API Brute Froce limit | Limit how many unsuccessful API call each IP can call per hour|
 +|URL Forwarder (Premimum/​Pro only)| Enable the ability for the client to manage web redirects|
 +|URL Forward Limit|Limit how many URL redirect can set per domain|
 +|Email Forwarder (Premium/​Pro only)| Enable the ability for the client to setup Email Forwarding|
 +|Email Forwarder Limit |Limit how many Email forwarder can set per domain|
 +|Destination Email Slots Limit|The number of email destination each domain can have for forwarding|
 +|Email Catch-all (Premimum/​Pro only)|Enable the ability for the client to setup Email CatchAll|
 +Once set, you are ready to rock and roll!
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