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This document outline the basic installation, configuration and the basic usage of the WHMCS DNS Suite Module


File Uploads

Upload all the files in the modules folder to your WHMCS installation.


Template Uploads

No template upload is needed

Language Uploads

The module includes English as the base language. If you wish to translate it to your own language. Make a copy of the english.php in /modules/addons/dnssuite/lang/ to your associated language.



Log into your WHMCS admin and enable the module by going to Setup → Addon Module → DNS Management Suite → Activate

Once activated, click on Configure and fill in the license key and make any settings adjustment.

Important!! If your WHMCS is less than version 7.2, then make sure you have selected the proper APIuser with API access.


Option Description
Email Verify Template This is the email template for when email destination is added and an email with the Pin will be send to the email address for verification
Restrict Sub-accounts It restrict sub-accounts to use the Client end management
DirectAdmin URL/Login/Password/SSL Connection This is the connection settings for your DirectAdmin Account
Web template file name The ZIP package name of the web templates you want to extract files from onto new domains (Professional only)
Enable PHP for domain All PHP files to be run on new domains. The DA account must have PHP function enabled
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