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 +To integrate with CheckMobi validation, you must first follow these steps under your CheckMobi dashboard.
 +  - Goto **Settings** -> **Account**,​ **Add new app**, use any name for the app
 +  - Reload the page and expand **Settings** on the side bar menu and you should now see the new app you just added.
 +  - Now click on **Add secret key** to generate a new key to use with the WHMCS Module
 +  - Now you can make any additional changes you want for this app. The settings you want to modify is the SMS and IVR
 +  - Copy and paste the secret key for the app and fill it in to **WHMCS -> Setup -> Addon Modules -> Gift Card Admin Module -> Configure -> CheckMobi Key**
 +The configuration for CheckMobi is now complete.
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