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Frontend Breakdown

The following is the associated page and the template mapping. The templates can be located in module/addons/giftcard/templates. You can modify to the look you desire.

Template function Template File Function
Checkout gcFoward,tpl, gcGeneral.tpl This is the checkout process
GC Listing and Cart gcIndex.tpl, gcIndex_horizontal.tpl, gcIndexLogin.tpl. gcIndexOrder.tpl This is will show the gift card listing that is available for purchase
GC Cashier Mode checkoutgcIndexOrderCashier.tplThis is the checkout template when a GC is using cashier mode
Manage GC gcManage.tpl This page serves as the gift card management
My Gift Cards gcMy.tpl This page will list all your purchased gift cards
My Sub Cards gcMysubcards.tpl This page will list all sub cards
Redemption Page gcRedeem.tpl This is the gift card redemption page
GC Split Form gcSplit.tpl This page is for splitting of the gift card
Sub Card Search gcSubsearch.tpl This page will allow your client to search for a sub card's origin. Will only work if the card is bought by the client
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