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WHMCS Gift Card Module v2 Email Binding Guide

Email Binding

Email binding is a feature for those who wish to use the module as a promotional tool. What Email Binding does is it allows email generated from a specific Email Template to have a binding key which then allow for the client to retrieve a Gift Card with.

For example, you use the WHMCS Email Marketer tool to send out a Customer Appreciation email to you client after a year of continual service. In this specific template (Customer Appreciation) , you can embed the following variable to activate the binding.

Option Description
{$giftcardlink} The HTML link that the customer can click the email Eg. <a href>
{$giftcardurl} This actual URL not embed in <a href>
{$giftcardkey} The binding key that ties to the email binding

When this email template is trigger to send. It will call the module and create a binding key for it.

To setup Email Binding for a template, you simply goto Gift Card Module AdminCard ManagementEmail Template Binding

Be careful when you are using this feature, it is very powerful. If used inproperly, your system could be giving free gift cards out.

Default Binding

In the Module Configuration, you can also specify the Binding for any emails that aren't send via a email template. Any emails sent out without a Binding, it will be fall back to the Default Binding

For example, you send a personal email to a client via WHMCSClient ProfileSend EmailNew Message. You can embed the variables listed above to give this client a free gift card.

Binding Retrieval URL

The URL to the retrieval page are as follows

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