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This addon module will allow you to provide your customers with support pin numbers for easy verification.

Key features

  • Six compatible
  • No template installation
  • 3 type of pin: (Main pin, 3rd party pin, temporary pin)
  • Temporary pin will be emailed to the client for quick verification.

Main ping is intended for all general purpose verification. Such as billing modification, account changes… etc

3rd party pin is intended for the account holder providing account support access to a 3rd party individual without providing the main account. Such as contacting your company for support.

Temporary pin is intended for providing quick verification if the account owner can't login but still have email access. Temporary keys are generated by your company staff and it is emailed to the customer's email


Make sure you have the ioncube 5 loader installed for your web server. If you are running ioncube 4 loader then you can either run easyapache to rebuild the ioncube extension automatically or download and modify the loader manually

You must be using a template that's build off of the six template engine as it utilizes the sidebar function.

Installation Instructions

Copy all the files into our WHMCS directory. No template modification is needed

Language Files

If you already have a language override file for you language, simply open the english.php file then copy and paste the content into your current override files. Otherwise just upload the current one to the lang/ directory. You will need to make a copy of english.php to your language you are using for WHMCS if you are not using English.

Template Files

There are no template modification. The support pins will be displayed in the sidebar of the template.

Starting the module

Enable the module like you would for any other WHMCS module. WHMCS Admin → Setup → Addon Modules → Activate

Once activated you can set the options below

Modifying the email template

Upon installation of this module, a new email template will be installed onto your WHMCS. You can view and edit the template named WHMCS Customer Pin Template

Config Options

There are several options you can set with the mod. Here is a quick breakdown.

Option Explaination
Mod status This will turn the mod on/off on the client area
Date display format Change the display format for the pin expiry date
Per Service Pin Enable Service Support Pin
Disable Per Account Pin Enabling this will disable the Account Support Pin
Allow 3rd party support pin This will enable the customer's ability to generate a 3rd party support code
Main pin style Set the main account's pin either numeric (0-9) or alphanumeric (A-z0-9)
Main pin length The length of the main pin
Main pin valid duration The number of days the pin is valid for until it get regenerated again
Temp pin valid duration The number of minutes the temporary pin is valid for (it will not regenerate, it is has to be sent manually)
3rd party options Same as the main pin options
Email Template ID The name the email template the module will use to send out the temporary pin (The name must be exact)
Display options These options will determine which template page the module will display on
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