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This addon module will allow you to provision and sell CD-keys/Serial number with ease

Key features

  • Six+ compatible
  • No template installation
  • 2 Types of Keys (Serial vs Login/Password)
  • ReCaptcha support

The module is fully integrated with WHMCS native ordering system. Which means all you have to do to get it running is to

  1. Create a product under WHMCS
  2. Assign the Module to KeysProvider
  3. Select the price/welcome email/etc…
  4. Done !

The deployed keys are searchable with WHMCS native search for easy management


Make sure you have the ioncube 5+ loader installed for your web server. If you are running ioncube 4 loader then you can either run easyapache to rebuild the ioncube extension automatically or download and modify the loader manually

You must be using a template that's build off of the six template engine as it utilizes the menu function.

Installation Instructions

Copy all the files into our WHMCS directory. No template modification is needed

Language Files

The included language files is geared for English. If you are using another language, simply make a copy of the english.php in modules/addons/lang/ to the language you are using.

Template Files

There are no template modification. The support pins will be displayed in the sidebar of the template.

Starting the module

Enable the module like you would for any other WHMCS module. WHMCS Admin → Setup → Addon Modules → Activate

Once activated you can set the options below

Modifying the email template

Upon installation of this module, a new email template will be installed onto your WHMCS. You can view and edit the template named WHMCS KeysProvider Template

Config Options

There are several options you can set with the mod. Here is a quick breakdown.

Option Explaination
License Key The license key you obtained from us
API User This is needed if you are running WHMCS version less than 7.2. Otherwise, can leave blank.
Mask Key This option will mask the deployed key in the WHMCS → Services Listing
Masking Option The length of masking
Enable QR Code Enable showing of QR Code
QR Size The width of the QR code size
Enable Recaptcha Enabling it will hide your keys behind the recaptcha verification. Customer must verify before being able to view the keys
Enable Validation Enabling this will display the Validation options in the Admin side of the Service page. It will allow staff to Reset or Pass the validation
CheckMobi Key If using CheckMobi integration, you must have this key filled in. See CheckMobi Setup Instructions
Verify Limit The number of times the customer is allow to verify a pin before they must contact support to get it reset
SMS/Phone Validation Limit The number of times the customer can trigger the validation provider to send a pin to them before it's disabled
SMS/Phone Retry IntervalThe amount of time the customer must wait (in seconds) before they can trigger a re-send of the validation SMS/Call
Enable Out of Key EmailThis will send out an email to the customer when the Keys table is out.
Display My Keys Menu This option will insert a new link in the Services Menu called My Cd-keys
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