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WHMCS Gift Certificate Usage Guide

This page will go over the basics of the module.

Gift Certificates

The essential part of this module. There are six options to fill in when adding a gift certificate.

Certificate Name: The name you want it to describe this certificate.

Certificate Face Value: The actual value of the certificate. The value is based on the default currency of your WHMCS installation.

Certificate Price: The actual price the buyer have to pay when buying this certificate. You can offer discount on gift certificate purchase. For example: a certificate with the Face Value of $50 and a Certificate Price of $45 means the buyer will only have to pay $45 while able to redeem the $50 dollars

Allow Self Use: This option allow the original purchaser of the certificate to be able to redeem the certificate. You can turn this on if you want to encourage members to buy credit for your product and services. However, you will have to be careful with this option. Because if you have a certificate with a lower Certificate Price can generate a loophole.

What this mean is let say you offer a $5 discount on a $50 certificate and the certificate also Allow Self Use. So what an individual could do is purchase this $50 certificate, redeem it under his account. Then use his credit redeemed from the previous certificate to purchase another certificate. So this individual can keep buying certificate using the credits and eventually earn a lot of free credits.


Show on Order Form: Whether to show the certificate on the Available listing.

Gift Description: An description for this certificate. You can use the following tags in the description. <p><br><b><strong><strike>

Module Configuration

Mod on/off: To turn the mod on or off.

Auto Grant GC upon successful payment: Whether to automatically approve or wait for a manually approval from an admin before a GC can be used

Gift Code Length: The length of the code

Allow customizable personal message in 3rd party email: Whether you want the GC purchaser to be able to send out personalized messages for the GC.

PDF header tag line: The tag line underneath the company logo on the PDF

PDF footer line: The footer line at the bottom of PDF certificate

PDF Redeem line: The line that tells the certificate recipient where to go redeem the GC.

PDF Logo URL: The logo used on the PDF certificate

Default API User: The admin user that have API access. To check if the user have API access, you can goto Setup - > Administrator Roles to verify.

Grant Email Message: This is the email template that will be used to send to the GC purchaser to notify them the GC they have purchased has been approved. This is only sent out when you have Auto Grant turned on. If you have manually approved a GC, then you will have to manually dispatch this email via WHMCS. This template is customizable via Setup → Email Templates → Gift Certificate Available

Pending Email Message: This is the email template that will be used to send to the GC purchased to notify them the GC will have to wait until an admin had approved the GC manually. This template is customizable via Setup → Email Templates → Gift Certificate Pending

Usage Overview

Here is a basic flow of the module

Admin → Add GC in WHMCS admin → Make available for purchse

Buyer → See available GC listing → purchase certificate → if selfuse is not allowed - > Send certificate to friend/family/etc… → Redeem

                                                        if selfuse is allowed -> Send certificate to friend/family/etc... -> Redeem
                                                        |-- >Buyer redeem the coupon and put the credit under its account

The GC being redeemed will be added to the redeemer's credits and adjusted to the redeemer's currency.

Additional Customization

Everything in the provided in the .tpl files can moved around. So you can change color, move things around like you would in the normal WHMCS template.

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